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Dustan/Groot Staff App

-Minimum of 8 hours on server.
-Good standing within the community.
-Mature enough to handle the position.
-Have enough time to actively take part.
-Cannot have more than 5+ warnings.
-Must be at least 14 years old.

please copy and paste the application below.

Application Title: "<Name> Staff Application"


Steam Name: [
Rektgur#DeaglieRektie ]
your steam name.

Role Play name: [
Most common name is: Dustan ]
preferred name on server .

Current Rank: [
your current rank.

Rank Requested: [
I dont really mind a rank but i suppose moderator should be fine as it will allow me to deal with any scenario that may appear on this server and help it as much as i can. ]
the rank you want. Example : Trial Mod , Moderator... [More App Detail = Higher chance of becoming a higher rank]

Timezone: [
Country: Netherlands ]
GMT+ format please.

Date of birth: [06/08/2000]
DD/MM/YYYY format.

Age: [16 years old.]
00 years format.

Do you have a mic?: [
Yes. I have a microphone and commonly use it on the server ]
respond with yes/no.

Steam ID: [STEAM_0:1:62206802]
For example: "STEAM_0:0:95797928"

Hours on the server : [
I currently have 22 hours on the server. ]
can be found in the top right corner in the blue box, round to nearest hour.

Hours on gmod: [4720]
How many hours you have on garry's mod in total.

Describe your personality in 4 words: [
Logical, Reasonable, Leader, Experienced. ]
what makes you, you.

Staff experience on GMOD or other games: [
I have experience in administrating on garrysmod on:
Island RP: 3 months as a moderator. - Disbanded
HaloRP Serious: 6-7 months as a EP going from trial to Head. - Demoted due to being drunk on teamspeak.
prioritize Garry’s mod to other games.

Why do you want to become staff?: [
I want to become staff because i personally believe that with my experience in garrysmod overall and as a staff member i can assist greatly in calming players down and making them listen to reason. I also think one of my biggest assets is logic which allows me to stay calm in most scenarios i rarely lose my calm and understand that strict punishments make players fear what the server is and enjoy it less. So i hope that with my experience and knowledge of all this i am able to help make this server even better then it is and hopefully help it pass beyond the horizon. ]
100 words at least, you should be putting with around 150 words.

What will make you a better choice than others?: [
I would say the reason i might be better because i understand staffing and event planning. I can be creative i know how to create RP for the most part and have alot of respect for both players and staff. I also firmly believe that i would make a suitable candidate because i have alot of time i can spend and help the server with. ]
75 words at least, you should be putting down 100-125 words.

What do you think you can do for the staff team?: [
I think i can do alot for the staff team with keeping people on focus in events and making the RP experience improve. My head is full of ideas and i know how to pander to people to make them more happy and less annoyed. So for instance if person A decides he wants to insult Person B i can usually explain to person A reasonable well why what they are doing is wrong. ]
75 words at least, you should be putting down 100-130 words.

What is the definition of RDM, NLR and RDA : [
Abbreviation: Random Death Match.
Meaning: Killing another person without having a good reason or RP logic to it..
Mister Blue Sees Mister Yellow crossing the street.
Mister Blue decides that he should shoot Mister Yellow without any real reasoning or RP logic to it.
Resolving the scenario:
Mister Blue should be punished for RDM with most probably a verbal or a actual !warn since it isent too bad but if he has done it alot the punishment increases. Then i would look if mister yellow needs any printers or weapons refunded and refund them accordingly.

Abbreviation: New Life Rule.
Meaning: Returning to the place you last died with all pre existing knowledge of before your death with you.
Mister Blue is robbing a bank and spots Mister Yellow walking in.
Mister Blue kills Mister Yellow with a MR96.
Mister Blue escapes the bank.
Mister Yellow Decides to murder Mister Blue.
Resolving the scenario: 
I would punish Mister Yellow by telling him off with a verbal warn or giving him a !warn or a kick depending on the severity.

Abbreviation: Random Arrest
Meaning: Arresting someone without a real RP reason.
Mister Blue got the job of police officer and is doing a fine job of cleaning up the criminal scum.
Mister Yellow is a random civilian just crossing the  street which Mister Blue Sees.
Mister Blue runs up to Mister Yellow and decides to arrst him and lock him up.
Resolving the scenario:
Mister Blue recives a Warn with !warn or a kick depending if he has done it before.

All punishments may differ if individual do's mass amounts of each.
each should have its own line with an description and example.

How many warnings do you have, and what are they for?: [0]
each should have its own line with a description of what happened.

A staff member who is higher then you is abusing. What do you do?: [
I would inform said staff member that his actions are not correct for a person of his role.
If he refuses to stop then i would collect evidence and send it to a Head of staff if you have said person. Otherwise to Kezzy and Tarion.
For example : You are a moderator, and the abuser is a admin.

A staff member who is lower then you is abusing, What do you do?: [
Speak to said person if he refuses to stop i would kick and ask some people if they got any evidence of the abuse as the first responsibility is crowd controle not to try and fuck another staff over. If i found out that people do i would message it to a head of a staff or owner. 
If nobody has evidence i would merely report it and say i have no evidence but i recommend having someone overlook him.]
For example : You are a Admin , and the abuser is a moderator.

Tarion is running around mic spamming, What do you do?: [
Gag him first[Priority is crowd controle]
TP him up a roof and ask him if he is willing to stop micspamming if he says yes and actually stops micspamming i would release him back to his previous location ungagged and all with a verbal warn

If he refuses to stop i would take care of him by kicking him with !kick Tarion Micspamming/Disrupting player experience. ]
Imagine Tarion is a user.

Kezzy kills Tarion, then Tarion runs back and kills Kezzy, What do you do?: [I would bring both of them up to a roof and request both of their perspectives then check logs while their talking to confirm the scenarios. If Kezzy is correct i would ask if he would like Tarion to be warned if he dos Tarion will be !warned. If kezzy says no i will keep it to a firm verbal.

If kezzy is lying i would !warn him for lying to a staff member. ]
Imagine Kezzy and Tarion are users.

Tarion is spamming racism in RP chat / OOC chat, What do you do?: [
Gag and Mute/Gimp him. Then proceed to !ban Tarion 7400 Spamming Racism/Return when you have the desire to RP]
Imagine Tarion is a user.

If you abuse do you understand that your staff will be taken away?: [Yes]
do not apply unless you understand this, respond with yes/no.

Do you understand that being staff is a privilege not a job and can be taken away without reason or warning?: [Yes]
do not apply unless you understand this, respond with yes/no.

Do you know how to use logs?: [Yes]
simply reply with yes/no.

References: [I dont have any references.]
simply request 2 or more admins of your choosing who know you, put them down, keep in mind this will be checked.
This is not required if you're applying for trial staff[ you must ask the person before putting a name down, it is NOT just people you may know]

Other information: [ 
I do apalogize for possible grammar and spelling mistakes.]
optional, misc information you want to add.
Helps staff when players swarm them
Very active
I'll message ya on steam and we can sort this out

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