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thomas050503 staff app

Steam Name:thomas050503

Role Play name: thomas050503/shadowwalker

Current Rank: user

Rank Requested: T-mod/moderator

Timezone: UK/England

Date of birth: 05/05/03

Age: 14 years old

Do you have a mic?:no/works on skype tho

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:157245806

Hours on the server :20m
can be found in the top right corner in the blue box, round to nearest hour.

Hours on gmod: 1000

Describe your personality in 4 words: funny silly happy friendly

Staff experience on GMOD or other games: ive been an admin on 2 other severs called lightgameing 1/2

Why do you want to become staff?: because I wanna help out and try my hardist I will be on a few times a week and will check forums a lot and I alos don't wanna see this sever get taken over by MRDMers MRAers CDM NLRers MINGis like the  DC RP and really just wanna help out as many player as I can to make there days happier.

What will make you a better choice than others?: because I have been admin befor a few times and I am very friendly and don't single players out I always do reports even if there from an enemy  and I let players try to turn another leaf.

What do you think you can do for the staff team?: bring friendly vides and help out when theres no other admins on the sever and try to help out fellow staff in need

What is the definition of RDM, NLR and RDA : RDA: arresting people for nothing RDM: killing other players for no reason NLR: new life rule

How many warnings do you have, and what are they for?: 0

A staff member who is higher then you is abusing. What do you do?: screen shot and try to stop them if I cant I will get aas much proof as I can and contact a owner co-owner super/head admin and tell the players that its a abuse and we don't have this all the time so sorry help them rebuild stuff and help pay for stuff they lost.

A staff member who is lower then you is abusing, What do you do?: I get proof and then send it to a higher up and then ban/kick/warn: BAN:if its baning warning or MRDM/MRDA  then ban KICK: if there RDM/NLR x1 and stop when they join WARN: if its like nocliping of duty

Tarion is running around mic spamming, What do you do?: jail for 2mins to help them carm down a  bit and then if they carry on a warning and so on

Kezzy kills Tarion, then Tarion runs back and kills Kezzy, What do you do?: so bring both and warn tarion for NLR/RDM and kezzy for 1 bad thing I would jail for 2 mins

Tarion is spamming racism in RP chat / OOC chat, What do you do?: warn and jail to carm down then if they carry on then warn then kick  then ban then so on

If you abuse do you understand that your staff will be taken away?: yes

Do you understand that being staff is a privilege not a job and can be taken away without reason or warning?: yes

Do you know how to use logs?: yes

References: semsoo/kezzy
You didn't write the required amount for some questions
I don't think you're ready for staff yet because of abusing commands and the racist and homophobic remarks on another server found here:
You seem like a nice guy on the server and maybe you can reapply again in two weeks :3

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