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Dustans suggestions.

As of late the server has been really empty and quite boring. And when people do come on its usually just for 1 day and then their like fuck it. Ive been looking a bit at why this happens and i think i got an idea what the problem is.

1. Making crime a more common and fair thing.
My recommendation is that we make it more intresting to perform crime with this i mean from raids to bank robberys. Because both seem pretty pointless right now. I dont wanna try and rob a bank and get destroyed by spiderman because he has tons upon tons of HP thats not fun and intresting. And seeing as everyone bit by bit is starting to think like that i think its gonna become more and more boring because nowone will perform crime so whats the point in heroes. Now i have 2 ideas to fix this

1st Idea: We make it so that all gangsters and such are under the controle of the kingping or another orginization like the HAND something that unifies them into a group or multiple crime groups. Something that gives them a leader and enjoyment. If you decide to make it like this then i recommend you nerf the heroes alot.

2nd idea: Make it so that all lower tier criminals are lower tier villians. See you got super villians but theres small things like mercenary and other small low tier villians which dont pose a massive threat but exist because thats street level crime with heroes. If you decide to do this you can do things like.

Replace hitman with Mercenary
Make multiple sort of ganger/Criminal jobs like:  Vulture, Lady deathstrike, Bullseye

2. Villians are alot weaker then heroes.
Villians are almost always beating heroes because the heroes dont have a gigantic pool of HP. But regardless of that most of the villians have litterly 0 purpose while the heroes can 1 shot you if they do it right. So  i highly recommend buffing some villians some ideas are.

Give red hood something like dual pistols he uses them reasonably often.
Give magneto a green lantern ring maybe to make him a little more usefull.
Give yellow jacket a iron man swep maybe since he dos use lasers and such during the movie.

Make events that are more RP related:
Now this dosent mean you cant do funny events every now and then. But have you considerd giving players more insentive to be naughty or good. Because right now 90% of the experience is collecting money to be able to play heroes or villians to defend your printers which ya know gets boring as fuck. So my recommendation is things like:

Ultrons attack on the city with minions.
Give the villians some kind of massive weapon they can use to destroy the city if the heroes dont stop them.

Of course you shouldent force RP but i think this would improve replayability and enjoyment of the server for people like myself by alot.
BTW you can make it so that killing an NPC or player gives you money i highly recommend you look into that and make it a pretty large amount.

Start handing out sledgehammer nerfs and buffs to jobs.

This is kinda a really obvious one but alot of tweaking should really be done to jobs in my opinion. I dont think i need to repeat the stuff from before about the villian buffs but just to quickly get back to nerfs and buffs.
My recommendations for nerfs and buffs are:

Sledgehammer Nerf Iron Man SWEP and all that use it. They are insanely powerfull and nothing stops them.
Buff spideys and venoms web damage.
Give guns to all criminals something as small as a P228 would work really.
Give the users who currently mostly have to use telekenises(Magneto,Scarlet Witch.) this swep 
Make it so all the villians can rob a bank.
Make it so there dosent need to be cops to rob a bank or make superheroes count as cops.

I recommend you lower your amount of donation packages.
I know, I know, i know you probably dont WANT to do this but the issue is right now that its less worth it to buy the packages anyway since you get very little out of a 5er so you might lose money on that while if you just added the new donation packages to the old ones you could get really cool donation packages and you could make it that you raise the price everytime you add a new hero by like 2.50 GBP and get more money per package.
Another thing i would do for this is maybe, just maybe make the avengers free. Because the avengers are incredibly powerfull and a very big part of the MCU one of the most recognized and not being able to play on them is a big dealbreaker for some people

Thank you for reading my suggestions this was dustins rant PEACE OUT.
Sounds good tbh, I think most of these should be applied especially about the villains

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