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Alex Jones


Steam Name: Alex Jones
your steam name.

Server IP:
your current server IP.

Timezone: GMT+1
GMT+ format please.

Date of birth: 24/03/2002
DD/MM/YYYY format.

Age: 15
00 years format.

Do you have a mic?: yes
respond with yes/no.

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:52511639

For example: "STEAM_0:0:95797928"

Hours on gmod: 3000+
How many hours you have on garry's mod in total.

Describe 4 Skills you have that is related to GMod Server Developing/Management: Knows the basics of coding, Knows whats best for the server, Good ideas, Knows who to trust 
4 skills that will benefit your ownership.

Describe your personality in 4 words: Happy, Funny, Helpful, Trusting
what makes you, you.

Owner experience on GMOD: Yes, I was the owner of Valhalla, DivisionNetworks
prioritize Garry’s mod to other games. You are required to name the server and community name too.

Why do you want to merge with TSQ?: Because i really want this comunity to grow bigger and have more servers and more unqiue rp servers that has never been done before by anyone. I also want players to find their favourite genre of RP and play on that and have lots of fun. I also want to join because i like the TSQ comunity and its servers because some of them is very unqiue. I also want to mere with TSQ to help the other owners if they need any help with theirs. I also want to make more servers in the TSQ comunity that has a very good RP experience. 
100 words at least, you should be putting with around 150 words.

If you have a common server such as DarkRP, What will make your server a better choice than others?: I wouldn't say my server is common since i'ts the walking dead and dying light in one roleplay server, Where there will be new ideas that has never been done before and lots of fun. It will probably have great staff since i always make sure the HOS is a good head of staff and takes the best. I will make sure that players gets the best rp experience as possible for me to fix. 
75 words at least, you should be putting down 100-125 words.

If you abuse/verbally abuse/be immature/disrespect and/or break any other TSQ rules, do you understand that your server's time with TSQ will come to an end and will remove all addons/scripts TSQ have created?: Yes
do not apply unless you understand this, respond with yes/no.

Do you understand that being a part of TSQ is a privilege and should be treated with utmost respect towards the community?: Yes
do not apply unless you understand this, respond with yes/no.

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