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  1. Lightsaber Rules:
  • Do not spam the same melee attack more than 3 times in a row.
  • Do not abuse Lightsaber Throw. You may only throw your Lightsaber once per 1 dual/battle each hostile.
Rank rules:
  • Grandmaster Satele is overall leader of the Light-Side Jobs. His/Her word over-powers any Light-Side decision.
  • Dark Lord Malgus is overall leader of the Dark-Side Jobs. His/Her word over-powers any Dark-Side decision.
War Rules:
  • Do not kill players who are already using the Help Desk.
  • War must have a 45 minute gap.
  • War means battling is allowed on all planets.
  • Only Dark Lord Maglus or Grandmaster Satele can declare war.
  • War can take place until the Grandmaster or Dark Lord is killed or 1 side loses all Holocrons.
  • If Grandmaster Satele or Dark Lord Malgus is killed during a war, the player will be demoted to Master or Darth.
  • There must be a valid reason to declare war.
  • War must be accepted by both Grandmaster and Dark Lord.
How to gain Grandmaster or Dark Lord rank:
To gain Dark Lord the player must be killed by a Council member who is going to overthrow and take their place. The Council member must declare a Civil War in open comms to overthrow the Dark Lord.
  1.          The player who starts the Civil War can request allies with other players to take over.
  2.           If the Dark Lord is killed during this Civil War by the Council member, he/she will be demoted to Darth.
  3.           If the Council member dies in a Civil War however, the council member will be demoted to Darth.
  4.           If a Civil War is won and there is a new Dark Lord, there cannot be another Civil War within 48 hours.
  5.           Civil War's have a cool down of 24 hours and there cannot be another during that cooldown.
  6.           (FYI: Civil War does not mean war and will not affect the Jedi/Republic/Smugglers in anyway regarding rank loss).
  • To gain Grandmaster the player must be the Grandmasters Learner(and must be a council member). If the Grandmaster dies during a war, the Learner will take the Grandmasters position.
Holocron Rules:
  • Holocron stealing must have permission from the highest rank online from Darth/Master upwards.
General Rules:
  • English is mandatory on the server, please respect this for the sake of others.
  • Do not do anything to harm the server or otherwise exploit it.
  • Respect everyone and treat everyone equally without discrimination. Do not disrespect nor discriminate or even purposefully annoying people or trolling.
  • Body-blocking is not allowed if you are doing it to troll or be annoying.
  • No Bunny Hopping.
  • Do NOT use any sort of hack/script, e.g. no bunny hopping scripts etc
  • Do not abuse the spawn protection to avoid being killed in RP situations.
  • Do not kill people for being annoying without a clear warning. Call an admin.
  • Do not mess with Staff on Duty. They are OOC players to help other users to play by the rules and obey them.
  • Do not ban evade by going on alternative accounts. We will simply punish the alternative account and increase the ban on your main account.
  • Do not RDM.  (Random Deathmatch). e.g. Do not randomly hit people without a valid roleplay reason
  • Do not break NLR (New Life Rule) e.g. Do not continue your actions from your previous life after you die
  • Fear RP, if someone is pointing a gun at you, you are not allowed to take out a weapon or run away. You need to fear the gun. After you get shot/shot at by the person keeping you under gunpoint, you are allowed to try run away to save yourself.
  • Do not meta game, this means you are not allowed to talk in OOC(Out of character) while IC(In character), Example: You can not ask someone to come to a place in OOC.
  • No racism. This is strict even if you RP as a racist we will punish you. This may result in an immediate ban.
  • Do NOT abuse the "sit-anywhere script".
  • You must always have a reason to place a bounty on someone, Bounty Hunter must ALWAYS ask the reason.
  • Do not mic spam. (Including soundboards of any type)
  • Don't speak or joke about DDOS, even in role-play. (If you break this rule, expect to be permanently banned)
  • Do not disconnect, suicide, change jobs, etc to get out of a role-play situation.
  • Do not argue or use caps in OOC.
  • Just because it's not specifically stated in the rules doesn't mean it's not a rule. Some rules are implied. Use common sense.
  • If you have a complaint, do NOT handle it in OOC. Instead make a complaint on the forums!(e.g. Unwarn appeals, ban appeals etc).
  • If you reach 3 warnings you will get a 1 day ban.
  • If you reach 5 warnings you will get a 1 week ban.
  • If you reach 10 warnings you will get a Permanent Ban.
  • You must not return to the situation until it's over.
  • You must not return to your death position until the situation is over.
Admin Chat/Admin Sits/Staff on Duty
  • To talk to an admin for administrative purposes, please use @ with the reason. (eg. "@ RDM by randomname")  Makes sure to include why you need a staff member and if you have a complaint include the name of the player and any other vital information.
  • Don't use @ for chatting to an admin, simply use OOC.
  • During an admin sit, If you are asked to type out what happened, please comply. We aren't trying to be mean, we're trying to help you. It will help us in the longrun deal with your situation, and future situations!
  • Do not spam the @ function, one time is more then enough, we get the message you send, and we will help you as soon as we can. Have patience.
  • Shooting someone during an admin situation will be considered RDM or RDA.
  • Don't run away or disconnect during an admin sit. LTA/LTAP will only add to your punishment.
  • Being a smart-ass in sits and intentionally being difficult will result in a kick.
  • Staff on duty are exempt/void from all role-play events.
  • Try and be understandable in staff sits, listen to your supervisor and respect his/her decision. If you believe it was judged unfairly or wrong then make a complaint here;
  • If you have any grudges around / with one of our staff members decision please do not rant it out in OOC nor any other chat. Be mature and use our forum. Remember that evidence is vital.
  • NEVER ask staff for free donation items or ranks. Nor ask them on steam!

Best regards,
The Side Quest Founder & Owner, 
[Image: Doctor-Who-Signature-1.gif]

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