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Ban Request Template

Server :
For example: StarwarsRP or PrisonRP.

Player you are ban requesting.

SteamID for the player you are ban requesting.

Reason for Ban:
banning reason.

Admin spoken to:
name of admin who you spoke to before.

Length of ban:
put admin discretion if unsure.

Anything you want to add in?:
misc information relevant to the ban.


Should I post on a ban request?
-If the ban directly involves you, i.e you are the person requesting ban, or you have information/evidence related to the ban
-Keep in mind it’s a lot of work to go through a ban request, reading every single post, 90% of which are truthfully meaningless, and do not aid the admins on the decisions of the unban.

If you post on the ban request without being required to
1st - Post will be removed
2nd - warning
3rd - 48 hour ban
4th - perm ban

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